Keystone Financial Partners is an independent wealth management firm that specializes in helping successful individuals plan for a variety of life transitions. These may include becoming a widow or widower, preparing for and transitioning into retirement, getting married or divorced, receiving an inheritance, having a child or grandchild, or caring for an aging parent. We help our clients achieve the comfortable lifestyle and confidence they desire that comes from making smart financial decisions.

Working with a team of expert tax and legal professionals, we serve as your financial coach and wealth manager to make sure that your total wealth management plan is well designed and complete. We work to ensure that you have a solid plan in place for when a life transition happens. We do this through a detailed consultative financial planning process that allows us to learn about your deepest concerns, interests, and goals for the future. We then offer customized solutions designed to fit your individual needs.

We offer a free SECOND OPINION SERVICE to review your existing financial plan and see whether there are areas where we can enhance your current situation. Call our office at 919-463-0018 to request a second opinion on your plan!

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Jim Trull earns the Certified Financial Transitionist® (CeFT®) designation


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Life Transition Planning:
Meet Jim Trull and learn about his focus on life transition planning.

Working with Women:
 See how Jim Trull has trained to serve women and their unique investing needs.

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