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It is with great excitement that Keystone Financial Partners announces our merger with Pathfinder Wealth Consulting, a Commonwealth-affiliated firm in Wilmington, North Carolina. The Pathfinder team shares our values of holistic financial planning, disciplined investment strategies, and proactive, personal service. The newly combined firm has offices in Cary and in Wilmington to serve you and your families.

As Keystone founder Jim Trull steps away from the day-to-day operations of the firm, he leaves a more robust team in place to continue to improve our professional deliverables, increase resources for our clients’ shared benefit, and improve the client experience. This growth also provides continuity for our clients, who deserve to have a team supporting them throughout their lives, and a built-to-last firm that they can count on. We want our clients to experience the same consistency and superior quality from a team that shares the same values, strategies, and philosophies as our founder, into perpetuity.

Through the merging of the two firms, Keystone Financial Partners has transitioned to the name Pathfinder Wealth Consulting. We are excited to introduce you to our growing team and we invite you to visit our new website here.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and trust. We are here to guide you forward.



Pathfinder Wealth Consulting was formed in 2005 by Rob Penn and Jason Wheeler. After mounting frustration from working for one of the big Wall Street firms that dictated the types of investments they could offer their clients, they decided to venture out on their own.

The Pathfinder name started with a conversation about their collective goal of wanting to deliver planning and investment advisory services that would last beyond their time and their clients’. The idea was focused on guiding families forward along life’s financial path, no matter what they faced in their future. The name “Pathfinder” came from Rob’s service in the U.S. Army and attendance at “Pathfinder School.” In the Army, Pathfinders are a unit of specialized soldiers that are the first on the ground and, essentially, find the safest passage for the rest of the platoon to travel.

The firm’s logo was based around the Pathfinder concept of being on a financial journey, as represented by an arrow and a torch. This imagery captured what we hoped to deliver when we started our firm, and we are proud to say that we have successfully done so for our clients through some difficult times.

Since 2005, the firm has experienced consistent growth and has added additional professional staff to support our clients. We have continued our focus of leading all relationships with a comprehensive planning approach and letting our clients’ situation and preferences determine the products and services that are in their best interests. Our growing firm builds on the vision on which Pathfinder was founded and provides long-term continuity as we help clients navigate their financial path with confidence.